Sumter County Sheriff Dennis warns of phone scam


According to a news release from Deputy Ken Bell, public information officer with Sumter County Sheriff's Office, several people reported receiving phone calls during the Labor Day weekend from a male suspect who stated he is a deputy with the sheriff's office.

According to Bell, the caller identified himself as Deputy Baker and told the victim he had warrants for his or her arrest.

The caller went on to say if the victim would buy prepaid credit cards and call him back with the numbers on the cards, he would not arrest the person.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said in the release that this is an old scam that has again resurfaced.

“The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office does not call to say they have warrants,” Dennis said. “We show up in person.

“Besides, we don’t take prepaid credit cards as payment toward any fine,” he said. “If someone calls claiming to be from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, get their number and then call us at (803) 436-2000 to verify it.”