Sumter is better because of Crawford's work, dedication


Two weeks ago I attended the funeral of Bruce A. Crawford Sr. He was one of the best police officers I ever worked with. We were partners in investigations back in the '80s. Bruce started law enforcement in the '70s. There were no computers, cellphones or other modern technology we have today. A notebook and pen were our main tools.

Bruce had an instinct about crime and was very good in apprehending and solving cases. There is no doubt that he saved many citizens from harm through his actions. He was tough on his kids because he loved them so much and did not want them to get involved with some of the criminals he had encountered.

Some of the talks we had he expressed regrets that he could not spend the time he wanted to because of his job but that he wanted to make Sumter a safer place for them to grow up. He taught me about people. He could be tough when he needed to and compassionate as well.

I have been in law enforcement for over 40 years, and I owe a lot of that to Bruce Crawford. When he retired he became a mentor for many and was still keeping young people on the right road of life. His kids Krissie, Bruce Jr. and Brandon experienced a lot of sacrifices due to Bruce's hard work and dedication but know that your community and life is much better because of what he did for all.