Sumter is fortunate to have Rep. Smith to look out for our interests


At this time when government officials are often viewed with suspicion and derision, Sumter is fortunate to have individuals who truly place their service to our community before personal interests. G. Murrell Smith has effectively championed the interests of Sumterites since his election in 2001 and has earned the opportunity to continue his service.

As an officer in a local veterans' organization, I had the opportunity to witness Murrell's efforts to usher in tax relief for military retirees. His efforts, along with his colleagues from the Sumter delegation, were critical to the ultimate success of that effort. He was tireless and tenacious in overcoming the political roadblocks that could have derailed that effort.

More recently, I've had the occasion the past few years to witness his impact first hand in Columbia, where his opinion, skills and experience play a vital role in fashioning legislative and policy solutions to the various fiscal, energy, legal and security issues facing our state and community. He is respected across the entire ideological and political spectrum.

Sumter is fortunate to have representatives in our Legislature and Senate respected and recognized for their teamwork and commitment to service. Murrell is a leader. Sumter needs that leadership in Columbia if it is to continue to grow and thrive. G. Murrell Smith Jr. deserves re-election this week.