Thank you Sumter for support during campaign


I would like to thank the citizens of Sumter for their support and encouragement during this recent election season. Nearly 1,000 people trusted me with their votes; and despite the fact that I did not tally the most votes, I feel confident in saying that I accomplished a lot in a short period of time.

I filed to run for the Area 3 seat of the Sumter School Board on Aug. 15 (the filing deadline) and five days later experienced a tremendous personal loss when my grandmother died.

My campaign got off to a slow start, and Tropical Storms Florence and Michael did not help matters. Despite the obstacles, I was able to build a message and a platform that resonated with a lot of you. As a person with no political experience or an educational background, I appreciate your willingness to even listen to message.

Following the election, I have received encouraging words on a daily basis.

This experience has been a great education for me and what I consider to be a formal introduction to Sumter County. So many of you have welcomed me with opened arms, and I would simply like to say "thank you."

I look forward to building upon what I have already started; but even if I decide not to seek public office ever again, you can rest assured that I will always strive to empower and elevate the good people of Sumter County.