Thank you to those who helped in emergency


June 25 will be a day that my wife, Barbara, and I will remember for the rest of our lives. Immediately after lunch, Barbara and I sat down to watch TV. About 1:10, Barbara told me that she was not feeling well and went to the restroom. I checked on her in just a few minutes. She was nauseated and perspiring and having chest pains. I moved her to the bed and she, being a retired RN, told me to call 911 because she was having a heart attack.

I called our daughter, EMS (911) and our neighbor, Pat Posey. Pat Posey called our friend, Robert Watts, and he in turn got the EMS crew to my house in unbelievable time. Robert Watts, retired battalion chief with the Sumter Fire Department, was vital in the coordination between EMS, fire department and the helicopter transport. Dabbs Rural Fire Department heard the communication with the air service and marked a landing area for the helicopter on the R.E. Davis School playground. The helicopter and EMS arrived at R.E. Davis' playground at almost the same time. According to records, Barbara's liftoff was less than 30 minutes from the EMS call.

This paragraph is dedicated to those who responded to the call. Special thanks to Pat Posey, our neighbor, who was there to get the call. The EMS crew consisted of Kevin Moye and Johnny Evans. They made lifesaving calls. The Air Care helicopter was there and the medic, Ryan DuBose, and the flight nurse were unbelievable. Thanks to our fire department for their service ... Robert Watts, retired battalion chief, and Simon Grant, Keith Richmond and Robbie Watts.

Just thankful for God's mercy, friends and living in a community like Concord.

We are forever indebted to all.