Trump should know about Haley's disloyalty


Nikki Haley has a history of, shall we say, “political flexibility,” not so dissimilar from her fellow S.C. neocon Lindsay Graham. Both are accomplished “press hounds” by anyone’ s standards. But Nikki was elected with the support of Sarah Palin as a solid right-winger.  In 2015, opportunity came knocking for national publicity, when a homicidal maniac killed nine in a church in Charleston. 

Haley then moved left, not unlike numbers of Republicans who have recently joined Democrats in blaming the Florida shootings on the NRA,  by "going national”  and joining Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the Statehouse steps to cast blame on her former allies who supported flying the Confederate flag at the Confederate monument in Columbia. 

Basking in national press approbation, Haley moved further left by defying a prohibition of Syrian refugee resettlement in S.C. — without the approval of the county governments affected contained in the 2015 Appropriation Bill passed by the Legislature. She instructed the S.C.  Department of Social Services to support the Obama Administration program, despite the disapproval of all counties targeted as resettlement sites.

In 2016, determined to sway the Presidential Primary in S.C. away from Trump, Haley compared his rhetoric on immigration to the KKK and Dylann Roof. Fortunately for her, Trump made a deal with the lieutenant governor to appoint her UN Ambassador, so McMaster could be governor. Not satisfied with an expanding war in Afganistan and Iraq, Haley’s bellicose rhetoric at the UN has targeted Syria, Russia and Iran as being responsible for multiple sarin gas attacks on civilians — now her problem. 

Lost in all the “hubbub” of last month’s news was the simple admission by Secretary of Defense James Mattis that the U.S. has no evidence of culpability against any of Haley’s accused countries. The Feb. 2, 2018, article by AP reporter Robert Burnes titled “U.S. has no evidence of Syrian use of sarin gas” goes on to admit that all reports come from Islamist rebels, including those supported by U.S. government funds.

Haley’s hawkish campaign, also promoted by Lindsay Graham, McCain and the “neo cons,” is beginning to resemble the “WMD” report that justified the Iraq war. 

Trump would be well advised, albeit belatedly, to acquaint himself with Nikki Haley’s history of self-promotion and disloyalty.