Trump should modify tariffs to avoid chaos worldwide


Dear President Trump, I have a suggestion for you. I request you modify the 25 percent tariff on steel and the 10 percent tariff on aluminum.

The threat of a worldwide trade war with billions of dollars of tariffs in retaliation to your order. It will hurt most all U.S. companies doing business with retaliating countries. They cannot afford to pay up front to the country receiving all their goods. It will in the long run cause them to cut back production and lay off workers.

Sir, there is a way to prevent all this chaos. I suggest you modify your order as follows. Give each country importing steel and aluminum to the U.S. a quota of so many tons allowed each month. The stiff tariffs would be applied for any amount over the quota. We can use steel and aluminum but only so much at a time.

This modification will eliminate the unnecessary retaliation of billions of dollars in tariffs on common goods by the U.S. and trading countries.

I hope you will consider this suggestion. Thank you.