What will Democrats do if Republicans keep both houses in midterms?


What if ...

What if the Republicans (which means Donald Trump) keep both houses after the midterms?

What do the Democrats do then? Barack Obama lost more democratic seats in Congress than any other U.S. president in history ... let that sink in for a minute. The Clinton Machine, having more money to spend than many large corporations, loses an election that there is simply no way she should have lost. And every single day since, this man that does not take a salary has unleashed the American economy to numbers Obama told us would never happen again. We have become the United States again around the world ... where "red lines in the sand" actually means "red lines in the sand."

And yet the snowflakes continue to melt down every day ... If these elections continue like they did during Obama's tenure and again this past presidential election, do the liberals, progressives ... whatever the heck they call themselves this week ... do they finally say, "Let us lick our wounds and come up with some ideas that sane people can get behind and nominate people that are likeable?" Or do they continue to bitch and moan about how all of this is just not fair?

I sure know how I am voting ... No way I want these leaders on the left making decisions about this country again. Frankly, they suck at their jobs.