Williamsburg man killed in boating wreck on Lake Marion

23-year-old hit utility pole in Potato Creek area


MANNING — A 23-year-old Williamsburg County resident died late Thursday as a result of a boating wreck on Lake Marion, according to Clarendon County Coroner Bucky Mock.

“The accident occurred shortly before 10 p.m.,” Mock said. “Connor Lambert of Andrews was taken to Alex Harvin Landing by first responders who performed CPR on Lambert at the landing but were unable to revive the young man.”

Mock said that he was sending Lambert’s body to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston for an autopsy to determine his exact cause of death.

According to Capt. Robert McCullough with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Lambert and another young man were in an 18-foot Stratus boat when the boat struck a utility pole in the Potato Creek area of Lake Marion. The second boater was transported to McLeod Clarendon Hospital and released.

McCullough said more information would be available once the investigation into the wreck was concluded.

“It’s critical that boaters don’t travel in areas that they are not familiar with, especially at night,” McCullough added. “And it’s very important that all boaters wear life jackets. Life jackets help keep boaters who fall out of boats or who are thrown from boats stay afloat as well as help in locating boaters in the water until help arrives. Life jackets can turn a potentially tragic accident into a funny story if worn appropriately.”

With current temperatures in the 90s, more and more people are getting out on the water, McCullough said.

“We want everyone to have a good time, but we want boaters to be safe,” he added. “Please be aware of your surroundings while on the water. Always wear a life jacket. And please just use good judgment when boating.”