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Officers take their jobs seriously and should be respected

Roughly two months ago I had a family emergency and I dialed 911 and, in all my confusion, I hung up. The very next thing, three young police officers showed at my front door. I apologized. If there's anyone out there who thinks those officers … more

Here's a plan for California to secede from America

There's a lot of talk going on about California seceding from the union. Well I think they should. I even think I have a good plan to make them the great republic of California to include leadership, economics and logistics. First of all, a new … more

Democrats need to nominate some decent people for office

Democrats ... all you needed to do was nominate pretty much anyone but Hillary Clinton and there would have been a very good chance that a democratic president would have filled this seat on the Supreme Court. Stop screeching about how unfair every … more

Thank you to all who helped make Art in the Park successful

We wish to express appreciation for the success of the 12th Annual Art in the Park, held on Sept. 22 in Memorial Park. Although presented by Heart of Sumter Neighborhood Association, the event was a … more

Senate committee members should reflect on their own behavior

The "swamp" in Washington is getting deeper by the day. I have been watching the Kavanaugh hearings with utter disgust. Christine Ford has been treated with kid's gloves, while Brett Kavanaugh has been pummeled as if punched by a professional … more

Sumter is better because of Crawford's work, dedication

Two weeks ago I attended the funeral of Bruce A. Crawford Sr. He was one of the best police officers I ever worked with. We were partners in investigations back in the '80s. Bruce started law enforcement in the '70s. There were no computers, … more

Several committee members have never asked for investigations

Back in the late '60s, early '70s Dean Martin hosted celebrity roasts. One of the guest roasters was Red Buttons, whose act was to point out other members of the roast and state, "Never got a dinner." So, here are members of the Senate Judiciary … more

Conviction without proof isn't how this country works

About 20 years ago, I sat on a jury for an assault case. This guy on trial sure looked like he was involved in it ... and the prosecutor could not prove it because of lack of evidence. When we … more

Thanks to Glasscock for help in protecting Sumter

On behalf of all the folks in Sumter County who were blessed to fill their bags with sand donated by Glasscock Co. Inc. we send a heartfelt "Thank you." Many residents, especially senior citizens and business owners, were able to protect … more

Military vehicles useful to have on hand during disasters

Nice to see MRAP mentioned in a positive way. They are basically military trucks with a steel armor monocoque body. (Contrary to popular delusion they are not "tanks.") Besides not being vulnerable to flying debris, they can approach fires where … more

We can start reducing our demand for animal products

Beyond the widely reported devastating impacts of Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas, there is one more - of the self-inflicted variety. North Carolina is home to thousands of factory farms that raise millions of pigs, chickens and other animals … more

Ackerman used his skills, imagination to help community

I'm mourning the death of my good friend, Roger Ackerman. We met in 1984 when I joined the Sumter Rotary Club. Roger had joined in 1966, served as club president in 1978-79, was awarded Rotarian of … more

We shouldn't have forgotten our oneness after attacks

[Today], it will have been 17 years since that awful day when we were attacked. Do you remember how you, we, felt that day ... and the months thereafter? I do. I was never more proud to be … more

Focus in epidemic should be on reducing demand for opioids

The recent commentary by Professor Walter E. William titled "Enough's enough with violence in Chicago" that appeared in The Sumter Item in August was informational. The 1,718 Chicagoans shot since … more

Let's keep our lower tax rates

Prior to an election, many politicians talk about helping the "working middle class," but for decades these good citizens have seen no improvement in their finances, until now with the new tax rates. However, it is not the lower tax rates they will … more

Much of harm done to press is its own doing

I have read with interest the recent commentaries in The Sumter Item defending the press and news media in general from the president. Titiana Diaz, who I think is probably the least experienced, had … more

It's time to have the talk during the Era of Trump

In this Era of Trump, it's time for the talk. This talk is different from the talk that black parents are having with their sons and daughters on how to survive traffic encounters with law … more

Democrats tell young people they're in a hopeless situation

Don't you get the idea that the Democrats see more bad in this world than good? How sad. I used to see this party as one of optimism and hope. When their own "leaders" talk about … more

Thank you to Sumter organizations for support after loss of wife

I want to thank all the people who sent their kind thoughts and prayers, brought food, checked on me and my family and took care of things that we didn't notice or have the heart to address. I have lived in many places in my life, but the Sumter … more

Kneeling NFL players should be thankful for what they have in this country

Those three words were given in a speech by Gen. Douglas MacArthur to the West Point cadets after the general retired. Those three words are very important to my wife and I as we have a combined 47 years of service in the USAF. I spent two years in … more
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